Guardianship Administration and Alternatives

As one ages, or as the result of an unfortunate accident, there may come a time when he or she is mentally incapable of making sound financial and/or health related decisions.  This can be a difficult and challenging time for the individual and his or her family. Our attorneys use a personal and sensitive approach when applying their knowledge and expertise to guide and support our clients and their families through these difficult and often confusing times. When the assistance of others is needed to act on one’s behalf, this may come by way of a Guardian, Power of Attorney, or Trustee.  We can help determine the appropriate fiduciary to use and then monitor the person or persons appointed to act.

Specifically, a guardianship is an involuntary relationship whereby the probate court appoints a person, the Guardian, to act on an individual’s behalf regarding his or her personal and financial affairs.  We assist individuals and families in this area whether for adult incompetent persons, minor children under 18 years of age, and in cases of minor settlements to personal injury victims. Guardianship matters are monitored by the probate court and it is imperative to have the assistance of knowledgeable legal counsel throughout the process.   The following are some of the services WHV provides in this area:

  • Assessment of prospective wards and the gathering of pertinent facts and information
  • Determination of the appropriate probate process
  • Preparation of all necessary forms, documents, and pleadings
  • Identification and notification of one’s personal rights
  • Identification, collection, and securing of the ward’s assets