Human Resource Management

Every business-related decision impacts the employer – employee relationship in some way.  Labor and Employment laws and regulations are complex and continually changing.  Whether your company has thousands of employees or one or two, compliance with applicable law is absolutely essential.  Having the proper policies, practices and procedures in place is crucial to your business plan. A preventative approach is the most successful in dealing with the myriad of employment related issues.

Our experienced Labor and Employment lawyers:

  • Provide advice and guidance to employers regarding the full range of employment-related practices, procedures and policies.
  • Assist employers in developing employee policies and handbooks.
  • Provide counseling related to employee discipline, terminations, reductions in force, separation and severance agreements, and plant closing matters.
  • Conduct audits of employers’ practices, procedures, forms and policies.
  • Develop preventative programs and procedures to avoid employment law issues in the workplace.