Product Liability Litigation

Product liability claims often involve serious injury or death. Our attorneys are experienced in effectively and vigorously defending cases in a manner mindful of your business needs and interests, aggressive in your defense and yet cost effective.  Early investigation is essential in evaluating your potential liability. Our lawyers coordinate your engineering team and risk management personnel to ensure that they are integrated into the process and thereby maintain a successful team approach to success.

The attorneys at Wegman, Hessler & Vanderburg can help you:

  • Properly evaluate the merits of a case, and then assess the risks at trial, evaluate the pros and cons of settlement, and assess the impact litigation will have on your business.
  • If the case is destined for trial, our team will properly prepare and present the case.  We have successfully tried cases throughout the country.
  • We have long-term relationships that allow us to assist our clients in locating and retaining engineers, economists or other expert witnesses anywhere in the country.
  • We rely on technology to manage complex cases efficiently and cost-effectively. This software has been successfully implemented in many cases involving the review of thousands of documents.
  • We understand that litigation is expensive and we strive to reduce the financial burden on you and your business through the use of technology and the efficient use of our attorneys.