In our continued pursuit of providing the highest quality services to our clients, we are pleased to offer mediation services in a wide range of legal areas, including divorce and family law matters, business disputes, and other civil issues.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process wherein parties engage directly with one another with the assistance and guidance of a neutral third-party (the Mediator), and work together to resolve their dispute. The Mediator’s role is to facilitate dialogue between the parties and to assist them in fashioning creative and enduring resolutions of their disputes. The Mediator does not offer legal advice to the parties, nor does the Mediator represent either party; as such, it is strongly recommended that each party retain individual legal counsel to advise them of their rights and obligations relative to the specific issue(s) in dispute. While the role of the attorney is to provide legal guidance and support to the party in the mediation process, mediation itself allows individuals to be creative in resolving their disputed issues, and to reach decisions suited to their unique situations. We have found this type of creativity to not only to be empowering to the parties in the mediation process, but the bridge to a more enduring and lasting resolution of dispute.

While mediation is a practical and useful mechanism in the resolution of contract, real estate, construction, and business disputes, it is a powerful tool in the resolution of divorce, custody, or other family law disputes where privacy and discretion are often a concern.

Three of our Partners, Tanja M. Holecek, Christopher A. Holecek, and Patrick J. Quallich, have successfully completed Professional Mediation Training as provided by the Ohio Supreme Court. This training also includes Specialized Family and Divorce Mediation. While the State of Ohio does not allow Mediators to deem themselves “Certified”, our Partners have fully satisfied the requirements established by the Supreme Court of Ohio Dispute Resolution Section under Rule 16 of the Rules of Superintendence to serve as mediators in all Ohio courts. In addition, Tanja M. Holecek has extensive experience in the area of family law, having solely practiced in the area of divorce and domestic relations law for over twenty-four years. Our Partners are ready to serve all Mediation needs in a professional, timely, and cost-effective fashion.

Please contact Tanja M. Holecek, Christopher A. Holecek, or Patrick J. Quallich at (216) 642-3342, with any questions or to schedule a Mediation.