Insurance Coverage Issues

We regularly counsel businesses in both securing insurance coverage and, when necessary, resolving coverage disputes. We work closely with policyholders, providing cost-effective means in securing appropriate levels and types of coverage.

WHV has experience in the following areas:

  • Captive Insurance Companies – We draft insurance policies, and review and assist in negotiating excess coverage insurance.
  • Policy Review – We evaluate commercial insurance policies and provide advice regarding the terms, conditions and definitions in those policies that may subsequently be the source of a dispute when notice of a claim or lawsuit is given.
  • Audits and Reserves – We review claims and losses to ensure that the policy terms and conditions are being satisfied in order to avoid potential losses of coverage otherwise available in response to claims. We assign and monitor reserves to open claims utilizing historical loss runs to maximize claims handling.
  • Insurance Disputes – We are prepared to litigate and resolve coverage disputes with insurance companies.