Amicus Brief Filed with the U.S. Supreme Court Urging Protection Against Agency Overreach


December 20, 2021

Jay Carson has filed another amicus brief on behalf of Wegman Client The Buckeye Institute – this time with the U.S. Supreme Court. The brief discusses the economic and political consequences  of the EPA’s regulatory decisions – specifically in the state of Ohio.

The amicus brief urges protection against agency overreach from the EPA and how the EPA’s overreaching regulations have grave economic effects on states like Ohio.  As a major energy producer, the State of Ohio is negatively affected by overreaching energy regulations.  Some of these negative effects are increased energy costs and loss of jobs which disproportionately effects low-income and African American families.   “Congress did not speak clearly in assigning authority over these decisions – which have ‘vast economic’ an ‘politically significant’ consequences – to the EPA.”

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