Bird Technologies, the RF Experts, Celebrates its 75th Anniversary


Bird Technologies Group, Inc. (“Bird”), the company that helped jumpstart the radio frequency communications industry, is celebrating its 75th anniversary with another year of growth in markets and leadership among RF experts.

Founded in April 1942 by J. Raymond Bird to develop and provide military products, the company today delivers RF expertise to global applications ranging from coverage solutions, off-air testing, radio infrastructure, and sensor solutions to test and measurement. Bird’s reputation of leadership and excellence was earned through decades of innovation leadership, including the development of more than 50 patents and installations in more than 130 countries.

Bird remains as committed and dedicated today as it was in 1942 to serve its customers with highly reliable, quality-built and market-leading accurate RF products. Bird’s mission includes proliferating the legacy of its founder, while expanding into new markets, applications and technologies and sustaining strong relations with customers, owners and associates. Bird’s goal is to be the trusted first choice RF solution partner for its customers.

For over 25 years, Wegman Law has assisted Bird’s growth with the acquisition of DeltaNode (Stockholm, Sweden), X-COM Systems (Reston, Virginia) and TX RX Systems (Angola, NY). Bird continues to advance the products and services that joined the Bird family and is working to enhance their reach under the Bird brand.

Products in the expanding Bird brand are essential in today’s wireless-intensive environments where Bird products are used to make people’s lives better and safer. Wegman Law has worked closely with the Bird professionals, family and non-family members, management, and shareholders to enhance the pride of ownership based upon these lifesaving products. The Wegman Law approach to succession planning has helped the family transition ownership of the business to the third and fourth generation of Bird family members with virtually no estate or gift tax payments, while creating an environment which enhances the transfer of core family values to succeeding generations and building loyal and committed relationships.

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