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Marty Kerr Facilitates Fundraising Efforts to Keep Local Ice Arena Open


As the Treasurer of Wooster Youth Hockey Association, Marty is passionate about the Association’s mission to provide area youth with the opportunity to enjoy the great sport of hockey and enjoy positive, character building experiences at the Alice Noble Ice Arena. When he received the sad news that the Alice Noble Ice Arena was closing, Marty quickly got involved in organizing and coordinating fundraising efforts. Marty spoke on behalf of the Wooster Youth Hockey Association at the school board meeting, helped put together financials, and a business plan. As a result of these efforts, a new non-profit organization was formed to fund the Arena. Marty was part of the negotiations between the new organization and the Noble Foundation. He participated in coordinating pledges and securing corporate sponsors.  As a result of these efforts, they were able to secure over $200,000 annually for three years in pledges!  

Going forward, Marty will be the Treasurer of the new non-profit organization’s board and will be working on securing their 501c3 status.


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