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Blockchain: The Future of Law

Blockchain is a recent invention that has already significantly impacted international commerce and will likely transform the legal and business markets.  To learn more download the article.

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An Overview of Emerging Trends in the Law on Restrictive Covenants & Practical Tips for Drafting Enforceable Non-Competition Agreements

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DIY Divorce: Bargain or Costly Mistake?

By Tanja M. Holecek and B. Nicole Bush June 2019 Divorce can be expensive, emotional, and lengthy, even in the best of cases. So called “do-it-yourself” or “DIY Divorce” applications…

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Divorce vs. Dissolution: Which is best for your case?

By Tanja M. Holecek and B. Nicole Bush April 2019 The choice to file a divorce action or to proceed with a dissolution depends largely on the facts and circumstances…

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