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Divorce vs. Dissolution: Which is best for your case?

By Tanja M. Holecek and B. Nicole Bush April 2019 The choice to file a divorce action or to proceed with a dissolution depends largely on the facts and circumstances…

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The WH Legal Press – February/March 2019

• Watch What You Eat and How It’s Classified
• Do Your Smart Devices Make You Vulnerable to Data Breaches?
• Notable News

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The WH Legal Press – November/December 2018

• Buyer Beware: Why “Do-It-Yourself” Might Not be the Best Option for your Business
• How to Protect Your Business: Dealing with Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law
• Wegman Hessler & Vanderburg Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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The WH Legal Press – July/August 2018

• Federal Courts Casts Doubt on the Use of Salary History in Pay Decisions
• Business Update: Supreme Court Decision Expands Applicability of State Sales Taxes
• Notable News

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